Linear actuators, type AG6248, are supplied as long stroke (LS) or short stroke (SS) units to optimise space and stroke requirements and provide the ideal control medium for C.P.Propellers, Voith thrusters, etc. The short stroke actuator is also offered with a mechanical cable link, so that for example on engines where space is limited for speed control connections, the actuator can be mounted off engine. A high torque stepper motor is connected directly to a steeply helixed lead screw, eliminating reduction gearingfrom the drive line and provides very precise speed and positional control. The actuator can be back driven thus eliminating the need for collapsible mechanical connecting links.This feature also allows easy emergency manual operation. 
Linear Actuator type AG6248 
The Actuator and selected control card provides a simple and accurate means of controlling mechanical settings from one or more remote control position. 
Typical applications include: 
Engine speed control 
Propeller pitch control 
Valve control 
Control of vents, etc. 
The system operates from a normal 24v D.C. supply (28v max, 21v min) 
Actuator and drive card maximum power (1.7 amps) 
Maximum push/pull force generated by actuator Approx. 40lbs (18kg) 
Actuator can be back driven with power off. Approx. 15lbs (6.7kg) 
Actuator speed adjustable 3mm/sec – 20mm/sec 
Actuator recommended maximum stroke 31.5mm either side of mid stroke position 
Actuator maximum stroke available 35mm either side of mid stroke position 
Control card AG6297/SD Series 
The actuator stepper motor is driven via a control card AG6297SD that also completes a control loop between the actuator position potentiometer and input control signal, which can be from a potentiometer, current or voltage source. Clearly defined adjustments permit the actuators extend and retract strokes to be independently set as well as its speed of operation and sensitivity. A separate output signal is available to drive remote instruments to show the actuator position. 
Interfacing to Electronic Governors Electro/electronic interfaces are catered for with card type AG6544, which is supplied in various build states to: 
• Accept control input from a potentiometer, 2 to 10v signal range or 4-20mA. 
• Provides signal output in the range 4-20mA, 0-2v or 0-10v and pulse width modulated signals to interface with CAT engines. 
• On card adjustments allow the end points for the signal range to be set as required. 
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