The eSHIP alarm and monitoring & control system provides a dependable and rugged solution to your alarm and monitoring needs. Modular, expandable and customised to your requirements. 
Touch-screen HMI with Custom Graphics 
The HMI screens are available in a wide array of sizes to meet your requirements. Graphic screens are customised to your application and seperate pages can easily categorise your data. A dedicated alarm list keeps track of events past and present. 
Intelligent Modular I/O platform 
The intelligent I/O platforn has PLC functionality coupled with high density system inputs and outputs. The modular interconnect caters for a wide variety of data signals including 4-20mA, Pt100, thermocouple and 0 - 10V. 
The Radamec fifth generation eSHIP alarm and monitoring system is designed to provide a dependable and rugged system to solve all your monitoring and alarm needs on both new and refit vessels. For refit situations the system offers the modern sophistication of touch screen HMI displays which can easily fit into the space traditionally occupied by several multiple channel alarm panels. Repeater stations in strategic areas such as the chief engineers cabin also uses HMI screens to ensure that important information is relayed and relevant alarms get immediate attention. 
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