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COMMANDER – Propulsion Control System 

Commander gives you precise, smooth control over your entire propulsion system for both Variable Pitch and Fixed Pitch vessels. Commander is a Lloyd’s Register Type Approved system, designed, manufactured and fully supported from the UK. 
At the heart of the system, Commander is tailored to the individuality of your vessel. Electronic signals control the engine, pitch valve and gearbox. 
With wire break detection and a sophisticated operational event logger built in, you can be assured of a safe and reliable system, easily adjusted from the menu-driven LCD. 
Multiple Control Station positions give you control where you need it with a smooth and safe transfer from one position to the next. 
Radamec can supply control panels, or we can supply our waterproof IP67 compact control head for mounting on to your bespoke bridge console. Commander also accommodates third-party throttle controls. 


Microshift provides the 'all-in-one' safe and dependable control of vessels with fixed pitch propellers and reversing gearboxes. Microshift is a proven control system that provides sequential control and safety interlock for the engine speed and gearbox clutches. 
The AG6324/M controller provides a mechanical control interface for both engine speed setting and clutch control. 
Vessels requiring either electronic or electric control of engine speed or clutch will use the AG6324/M2 controller. 
Up to four control stations can be connected with a choice of control station transfer options. 
The actuator stepper motor design requires no reduction gearbox thereby giving smooth and precise control. The actuator can be back-driven with the power off, providing a convenient emergency manual control facility using the external levers. 


Servostep is a professional control system that provides precise speed and positional control for controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and Voith Thrusters utilising electro-mechanical linear actuators. 
The AG6248 linear actuators are supplied as long stroke (LS) or short stroke (SS) units to optimise space and stroke requirements providing the ideal mechanical control of throttle, controllable pitch propeller and waterjet applications. 
The use of a high torque stepper motor connected directly to the lead screw eliminates internal gearing and provides very precise speed and positional control. The actuator can be back driven allowing easy emergency manual operation. 
The AG6297 stepper drive card completes the control loop between the actuator position and input control signal. Adjustments permit the actuator extents, stroke speed and sensitivity to be set. A separate output signal is available to drive remote instruments to indicate the actuator position. 
Throttle Control
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