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eShip / DARAD – Monitoring and Alarm Systems 

eShip and DARAD are the professional choices for dependable monitoring of vessel systems. With rugged terminals and distributed data collection units you can be sure of reliable readings and display of all your critical parameters. 
Touch-screens combined with a graphical layout make for an intuitive interface to access all aspects of alarm, monitoring and control. 
The eShip / DARAD systems are designed to provide a dependable and rugged system to solve all your monitoring and alarm needs on both new and refit vessels.  
Designed, manufactured and supported from the UK they have a large installed base covering a wide variety of vessels from coasters to superyachts.  
They offer the modern sophistication of rugged touch-screen displays with traditional multiple channel alarm panels where required.  
Repeaters in strategic areas such as the chief engineers cabin ensure that relevant alarms get immediate attention. 
HMC Sentinel
Hanson Arco Dee

Graphical Indication 

Graphical Monitoring
Graphic screens show alarm and monitoring information intuitively, e.g. relating the outline shape of your vessel. 
This allows easy locating of problems and speeds up the deployment of relevant personnel.  
We can design layouts with single or multiple pages to suit any type of vessel and can incorporate your brand if required. Colours can be matched to that of surrounding equipment or blended seamlessly with your superyacht style. 
HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën
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